NACVSA Board of Executive Directors

Billy Cox

Management Director

Billy retired from the Chula Vista Police Department (California) after 34 years of military, federal and municipal law enforcement. In his law enforcement career, Billy was involved in Patrol Operations, Crime Scene Investigations, Auto Theft Inv, Jail Operations, Research & Development and Logistical Support. Billy became a CVSA Examiner in 1998 and since that time has conducted over 1500 examinations in every subject from homicide to backgrounds.

Harry Bennigson

Membership Chairman

Harry Bennigson is recently retired from the Vallejo, California, Police Department and is currently serving as a detective for the UC Berkeley Police Department. In 1995, he was the first police officer from the Vallejo PD to be trained as a CVSA Examiner. Since then Harry has performed well over 1,000 CVSA examinations, ranging from fraud to homicide. Harry states that the CVSA allowed him to close a greater number of criminal cases and obtain confessions from suspects, as well as clear numerous individuals accused of crimes, who were in fact innocent. Harry is the past president of the Pacific Association of Voice Stress Analysis.

Lt. Kenneth R. Merchant

Legislative Affairs

Ken has served continuously with the Erie Police Department in Pennsylvania since 1986, and is currently a Lieutenant with the Criminal Investigation Unit. He has investigated and supervised all types of cases and has been a member of the Major Crimes Unit. He became a CVSA Examiner in 1999 and has earned the distinction of being certified as an “Expert CVSA Examiner.” Ken has extensive experience using the CVSA for criminal and internal affairs cases, as well as pre-employment testing. He is the CVSA Supervisor for the Erie PD, and is known for his interview and interrogation skills. Ken is also a certified Firearms Instructor and a team leader on the Erie PD Hostage Negotiation Team.