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US Federal Chief Judge Supports Use of CVSA

Northern District of New York Chief Judge Norman A. Mordue ruled that sex offenders can be required to submit to the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) as part of their post-release supervision to determine if they are telling the truth, and that the technique is analogous to polygraph examinations, which have been accepted by the […]

CVSA Gets Results

MANITOWOC — When police question suspects and victims, they need to differentiate the truth from a lie. They can do just that with the help of the recently acquired computerized voice stress analyzer, among the latest in lie-detector equipment. “That’s what a lie does not look like — it’s what we call a Christmas tree […]

The Truth Surrounding Lie Detection Technology

To look at truths relating to lie detection seems ironic. Machines designed to detect human deception have for one reason or another kept innocent people free and led to criminal confessional and convictions. How or why has caused much debate. Yet, applications of these machines have broadened. As polygraph and voice stress analysis technologies continue […]

NACVSA Exposes Inaccuracies of Polygraph Tests

According to the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA), a disturbing trend has been exposed involving innocent people failing polygraph examinations and then being interrogated until they confess. Had it not been for the advent of DNA evidence and other advanced investigative technologies many of the thousands of people who failed polygraphs and […]