NACVSA Members Benefits

The NACVSA offers all members the following benefits:

  • 100% dedicated support for Certified CVSA Examiners only – no other organization in the world can make this claim.
  • A trained and professional staff to support our members.
  • The NACVSA offers a 15% discount to members for all CVSA training offered by both the NACVSA and the NITV Federal Services. The one-time use of this benefit will pay for your annual membership!
  • The NACVSA is the only professional organization in the world to offer a manufacturer-sanctioned Advanced Professional Certification Program exclusively for Certified CVSA Examiners. In addition to manufacturer’s “CVSA Certified Examiner” designation, the NACVSA also offers the following advanced certification levels:
  1. CVSA Senior Examiner
  2. CVSA Expert Examiner
  3. CVSA Master Examiner
  • Since its inception, the NACVSA has monitored legislation on a weekly basis in all 50 states and the federal government that could impact on CVSA Examiners. The NACVSA uses a Washington DC-based legislative monitoring service to accomplish this task, and has successfully blocked polygraph-related legislative initiatives in a number of states which were designed to limit the use of VSA technologies or that could have harmed the CVSA profession.
  • The NACVSA has a highly-qualified Educational Coordinator to oversee professional development programs, educational grants and CVSA-related research activities.
  • The NACVSA has an ongoing project to obtain POST Certification or its equivalent in as many states as possible for CVSA-related training courses to ensure our members receive full credit for all NACVSA-sponsored courses.
  • The NACVSA manages an on-line Cold Call List, available 24X7, which is on our website (, and available at no charge for use by all Certified CVSA Examiners, both members and non-members.
  • The NACVSA recognizes CVSA Examiners for their special accomplishments through our Professional Excellence Award Program.
  • The NACVSA ensures professional training and technical standards are upheld and maintained for all CVSA professionals, and works to minimize the harm caused by the teaching of unproven and/or unsanctioned CVSA techniques
  • The NACVSA is the only VSA association in the world recognized by the NITV Federal Services, and our training and standards meet the stringent requirements for recertification required by the NITV Federal Services.

The World's Leading Truth Verification Association

Interested in joining the NACVSA? It's simple! Basic membership dues are $85 for a three-year membership. Dues will only be used to support the programs outlined above, as well as other NACVSA Board-approved initiatives designed to solely benefit CVSA Examiners.

Simply fill out the membership application online or print out our paper application and mail it along with your payment to receive your personalized NACVSA Certificate of Membership, an NACVSA Membership Card, and an NACVSA lapel pin.