NACVSA Membership

The NACVSA is the only nationally recognized association that specifically supports CVSA Examiners, and offers a Professional Certification Program. NACVSA also actively monitors legislation in ALL 50 states to protect the members of the voice stress analysis profession. No other VSA-related organization provides this full range of services to its members.

In addition to our US membership, worldwide the NACVSA represents over 3,000 law enforcement and investigative agencies and thousands of criminal justice professionals.

Further, the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts is the only professional association in the world exclusively dedicated to supporting CVSA Examiners. The NACVSA does so by providing CVSA-related continuing education and professional development programs, by upholding professional standards, by monitoring legislation, by advocating on behalf of CVSA Examiners, and by acknowledging the expertise of individual CVSA Examiners through the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts Professional Certification Program.

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Examiner Classification

The NACVSA Professional Certification levels were created to recognize those examiners who have invested time and effort in mastering the use of the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer. There are four Professional Certification Levels for CVSA Examiners offered by NACVSA: Certified Examiner; Senior Examiner; Expert Examiner; and Master Examiner. To view the criteria for each certification level click here.