INSTRUCTIONS AND DISCLAIMER: Please complete the following enrollment request form to become a member of the NACVSA L-List. The NACVSA L-List was established as a professional development tool for the exclusive use of current NITV Certified CVSA Examiners, and is not open to others. The identities of all L-List members must be verified by the NACVSA as current CVSA Examiners in good standing prior to being granted access to the L-List. Please be advised that neither the NACVSA nor the NITV are responsible for any CVSA examination evaluations or cold calls provided on the L-List. All evaluations and cold calls provided on the L-List are considered to be the opinions of those examiners responding to cold call requests. The FACT® Scoring System (scoring algorithm) is the most accurate means of obtaining a cold call. Additionally, the NITV is available to provide cold calls to all current clients.


The NACVSA is the only nationally recognized association that specifically supports only CVSA Examiners, and offers a Professional Certification Program. NACVSA also actively monitors legislation in ALL 50 states to protect the members of the voice stress analysis profession. No other VSA-related organization provides this full range of services to its members.